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Lots of people complaint about their long shopify product page descriptions, that create problems like it slow page loading and not easy for a visitor to navigate. We want it totally depend upon the visitor that he/she wants to read the full description of the product or not.

A lots of app claim that the can do this but these app add a lot of javascript in your website due to which it increase the page loading time and sometime conflict with your website. Many try to find the solution by search on google but no perfect solution is available.
I created a code for for this and it work perfectly well even with vital app tabs. It will show a short description and a read more button below that after click the read more the full description will show and read more button replace by the read less.


Read less button shopify product description

Read more button shopify product description

I can code this functionality on your website and you don’t need to worry about anything as I am professional shopify coder. Just click on hire button and connect with me.


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