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Are you confused between the two big cms i.e shopify and wordpress or Woocommerce?

Let me help you in this. If you want a website that is not a ecommerce website then go for wordpress as their are plenty of themes and plugin available for this platform.

Advantages of shopify :

  • Cloud hosted platform due to which the speed of website loading is much better than self hosted.
  • You will get dashboard that is ready for sale with pos.
  • Plans start from $29/M
  • Free 6 themes that is help you to start selling
  • No need of maintenance
  • High Security
  • Increase functionality using apps

Cons of Shopify :

  • high cost
  • Less customization possible like you can’t do changes in checkout page etc

Advantages of woocommerce :

  • Lots of customization available
  • Free plugins and themes
  • lots of developer available
  • No monthly charge
  • Self hosted

Cons of Woocommerce :

  • Security is less than shopify
  • Need monthly update or maintance

Conclusion : I will suggest you shopify if you don’t want too much customization in your store and focus only on the sale.

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