Shopify Wholesale Setup B2B and Retail

Shopify Wholesale without the hassle.

You can sell B2B and B2C in single shopify plan. The wholesale store is protected and only accessible by wholesale users.

Shopify wholesale code Benefits

I will add a Protected wholesale storefront within your current shopify retail store, So that you can sell wholesale as well retail in single shopify plan. Only wholesale users after login can see your wholesale store and you can create collection and assign them to wholesale header menu. Search will work for both stores.Your current design and functionality remain same. Also add minimum order to cart page or set minimum quantity to product page for wholesale users so that you will receive higher orders.
  • Create unlimited wholesale products and users
  • Functionality will be same like your retail store
  • No apps or monthly recurring charge
  • Create custom pages that will show only to wholesale users
  • Site speed remain same
  • No need to upgrade shopify plan
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Frequently asked questions

1Do I need to purchase a app or upgrade shopify plan?
No, you don’t need to buy anything
2Is this only one time fee ?
Yes, After theme purchase you don’t need to pay extra
3I want a Custom wholesale system. Can You do this ?
Yes, I can customize as per your needs. Just contact me with details.
4Is it complicate to create users and products ?
No, Very simple to use :-Wholesale Products : when you want to assign a product as wholesale just assign template from Drop-Down menu wholesale users : Only add tag to customer profile
5Is it secure ?
Yes, Fully secure system all the products are not accessible by direct URL or non wholesale users.
6Seo or page loading speed ?
It is fast and very clean theme. So seo and optimization is best